Faculty Ombuds

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A Bridge Between Problems and Options

The Office of the Faculty Ombuds at The University of Texas at Austin was established in 2004 to provide faculty with a prompt and professional way to resolve conflicts, disputes, or complaints beyond turning to their supervisors. The office assists faculty with any work-related difficulty, including interpersonal conflict or misunderstandings, as well as academic or administrative concerns. To afford visitors the greatest freedom in using its services, the office is an independent, neutral, and informal problem-solving resource serving faculty. The office maintains strict confidentiality and provides a safe place for faculty to have off-the-record conversations on issues related to work. The faculty ombuds helps individuals identify options for fair and equitable outcomes and fosters civility and mutual respect as outlined in the University Honor Code. The office supplements, but does not replace, any existing grievance mechanisms or modes of redress. The faculty ombuds administratively reports to the provost of the University (faculty) and has the full cooperation of University personnel.

Please note that due to the limits of technology, confidentiality cannot be ensured in email communication. Thus, you are advised against sending sensitive information via email.

Mission & Values

All members of the University community are responsible for treating other members of the community, as well as visitors to the campus, fairly, honestly and respectfully as each of us conducts his or her function at the University. To view the mission of The University of Texas at Austin, please click here

Office of the Faculty Ombuds

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